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Profil Samantha Band

Foto Profil Samantha Band

Biografi : Samantha came together in August 2007, formed by Andina Ayunani (lead vocals), Asyera Bella (drums, back vocals), Maria Rosalina (bass), Vini Noorsanty (piano, keyboards, back vocals), and Monica Suteja (guitars) with various musical background from pop, jazz, funk, rnb, classics, and rock.

In earlier days of Samantha, the musics are mixture of modern funk rock with classical influences as well as poppish tunes resulted by two different style songwriters. We found gloomy nuances in Vini's songs like "Tegarku", "For My Beloved", "Mendua", "Sakit Hati", "Egois" and "Palsu", and feminine side of the band delivered by Andina's songs like "Kawan", "Menari", "Sang Pecinta", "Sesal", "Selamat Jalan" and "Demi Cinta", as well as jazzy tune in "Just Fine" and funk elements in "Possessive".

During the times, some left-out tunes including Vini's "Arabian Song" and "Lelah", Asyera's "I'm Flyin'" and Maria's "Kita Sahabat". Their sounds have a solid base in powerful drums and dynamic bassline which are arranged in a very dynamic and groovy way and supported by strong rhythm guitars, spiced with heavy piano-driven. The vocal styles are varied and are made up by clean, varied from low tunes to the high notes. The songs are very intense, the lyrics are based on reflections on life, love, hate, friendship, anxiety and gloomy decline in general.

The original line-up has recorded the demos around 2005-2006, resulting 15 demos at the times. The band continued around 2007 with some left-out materials and also wrote new raw materials that finally recorded earlier this year. A song, Andina's "Kawan" made the debut with a compilation with DNB Records Compilation Satu Hati released in May 2008. The compilation contains 15 bands and Samantha was the only female band. During the mid of 2008, the band wrote around ten working titles that few of them has been recorded accoustically, later have been recorded by new line-up and some still need to be arranged.

In September 2008, Asyera choose to part ways, and went to Boston to pursue her career as graphic designer. As for her absence, the and sought replacement and went to Windy Rolesya, still a high-school's drummer, also a multi-instrumentalist and her drumming style is matched with the band direction. In January 2009, Andina decides to part ways with the band due to her personal matters. As a result of this, both Andina and the rest of the band agreed that it was time to find a new singer. Samantha would like to thank both Andina and Asyera for the great years they had in Samantha together and the band wish them all the best for the future. At the same time, the band are delighted to announce the new singer in Samantha; Rd. Milsha Hermiany. After six months, since July 2008, the band tried out few singers (Qity, Nissa, Syavira) for gigs, and had auditioned singers ever since. In March, the band announced the replacements in mid February, before entering the studio in the end of February to record two songs, "Sakit Hati" and "Egois", for movie soundtrack Vingin 2 Bukan Film Porno, for May 2009 released date. In April, the new line-up re-recorded "Sesal" for A Mild Wanted 2009. Also re-done the old demos like "Palsu" and "Demi Cinta", Vini's "Serba Salah", Maria's "Kita Sahabat", Andina's "Cinta Belia" and a song penned by Mee of PLAY, "Mendua".

Samantha has negotiated with few records labels to see the chance to release full-length album. When the band closed to sign deal with one of them, in early of July, in the middle of writing new material process, Maria choose to part ways with the band due to academical matters. A week later, Vini, pianist and the main songwriter, follows her bandmate Maria to separate from the band, remains as additional keyboardist until the band found replacement. This will let Monica as the only founding member left. The band begin to seek for replacements and meet Kartika Eka Putri a.k.a Keke (former member of various bands such as Gwe, Freak, andand many others). Fb:

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